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[Private Entry] Sticky Pink Bubble Gum And Candy Floss

I have quite possibly have made the stupidest move this century. In the same thought, I might need to be checked for some sort of tumor and seriously need some work with being able to resist charm or at least, the charm of the big eyed boy. Because I used to be more unscathed by shit like this.

At least, I think I did. I don't really know what I'm doing anymore personally. But things with him are waking up memories, in the middle of class memories, while I'm drinking juice in the kitchen memories, when I'm showering memories. Memories of it all the goddamned time and I'm beginning to wonder what my little fettered brain is trying to do or tell me.

So, let's see Lane. This is what you're doing:

* Lying to your best friend/cousin
* Doing all of this with the knowledge that she will be hurt when she finds out
* Probably messing with Kent
* Stumbling through this blindly
* Are being really fucking stupid
* Still don't understand why I can't stop

Grudgingly, I can admit that I might kind of like him. To myself. Only to myself. This is fucking stupid to post.

This is going to be the shot in my face and man, do I sound like every bad tween romantic comedy staring Freddie Prize Jr. out there. Maybe after this is over, I'll write a script and sell the rights. Then I can support myself in the lonely life because Chloe will no longer be talking to me and I will have driven everyone else away.

There's a plan.
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Kill Hannah

[Private Locked, Comments Can Be Made To The Community] Lex Luthor, Profile One

Lex Luthor:

All warfare is based on deception.

-Facts Of Life:

Born: 12/1980 to Lionel Luthor(deceased, gunshot)/Lillian Luthor (deceased, heart complications)
Two brothers: Julian Luthor (deceased), Lucas (Dunleavey) Luthor (half brother, Lionel Luthor/Rachel Dunleavy, last known wearabouts: Europe, NYC)
Graduated: Excelesor Prep School (1997), Attended Princeton (Bio-Chem major, did not finish degree. Guess school officals frown on making high grade meth in the basement of the science building.)

-Personal Relationships

*Victoria Hardwick (only one that seems to have a long run)

*Desree Atkins (Annulled, Belle Reve, 2002)
*Helen Bryce (Annulled, MIA, 2003)

-Earring List (One’s without connections or means omitted, people on the list since the list has been started):

Victoria Hardwick (Also on L.L.’s list, Ew), Shannon Vell (see ‘Attempts’), Corinne Hartford (attorney), Mya Kanston (Daughter of director Michael Kanston), Vivian Green (Sister-in-Law of Parker Gegory, Gregory & Sons), Jill Yancy (Daughter, Senator Leslie Yancy), Danielle Tucker (Tucker, Inc.), Tanya McGregor (Heiress, McGregor Cosmetics)

*Clark Kent (C.K. saved Le. Luthor's life 2001 and other assorted times. Pics of the two attending society functions together. Was best man at both Le. Luthor weddings. Le. Luthor bought Kent Farms, 2003)
*Chloe Sullivan (Summer, 2004, Trial of L.L.)
*Lana Lang (Hosted birthday party, 2002; co-owner of the Talon)
*Bruce Wayne (Attened school together, Wayne back on Metropolis after L.L. death. A business associate (?), contact Gen. Lane more about collaberation between LexCorp/Wayne Enterprise/Army on hinted contract. Contact B.W. about possible interiew concerning said contract, do not mention LexCorp if at all possible. Ask about viglante in Gotham, kind of cool.)
*Jude Royce (Club Zero, early 2001 pre-SV. Killed by bodyguard but was at school with Le. Luthor. Friends?)

-Known Associates:
*Lionel Luthor (Key figure in putting L.L. in jail, 2004; noted disagreements between the two, documented publicly in the SV plant 3 Jenkins hostage situation of 2001)
*Dr. Claire Foster (Professional relationship, Belle Reve, Deceased.)
*Gen. Sam Lane (Assisted in the Sullivan coverup, 2004)
*Teague Family (??)
*Gabe Sullivan (Plant Assn. Manager; Summer, 2004)
*Reynolds (Principal of Excesleor Prep, Principal of SV High (That's weird.))

-Contact With:
*Lois Lane (Metropolis University, asked by C.K. 2004)
*Amy Palmer (Belle Reve, 2002)


*Van McNulty (Belle Reve, 2003. Attempt by shooting.)
*Tina Greer (Impersonated by, 2001??)
*Shannon Vell (Tied to a chair, fire, 2004)
*Jeff Palmer (Belle Reve, 2002. Not clear on details.)
*Helen Bryce-Luthor (Never confirmed.)
*Desree Atkins (Set fire to? Unclear.)

-Facts Of Business:

Ran SV plant for LuthorCorp starting 2001
Created LexCorp 2002
Took over LuthorCorp after the death of L.L. In a month’s time, the board unanmously decided to allow the change of name and the change of direction in the company. Unheard of. No loud rumblings in the Met. business world as would be expected. Question source on this matter.

-Next Steps (Jan. 3, 2005):

Contact Gen. Sam Lane for details
Contact B.W. for possible interview
Check L.L. financials for ties between him and his son (ie. Helen Bryce-Luthor)
Backlogs of TDP for more society pages on Le. Luthor (re. Smallville years)
Contact friend at LC, try to arrange a meeting. Ask about board and changes in company structure.


All very pretty research, none of it proves that he did a damn thing.

BTW Lois? Obession is out this season.
Fight Club Marla

[Locked For Friends] Heartbreak Hotel Doesn't Serve Cocktails For One Anymore

In another life, Perry White is living out his dream of being Elvis Presley. Then again because karma kicks ass, White would currently be living out the fat, bloated, dead on a toilet Elvis years.

I write this as the dithers on behind me somewhere about schedules and form and sources and "Making sure that you fucking retards check your goddamned sources twice before we go to fucking print and get our asses slapped with a libel suit. And no Johnson, not the type of slapping you enjoy from the whores down on eighth."

If anything, that was amusing. Naturally, his wrath has not yet settled on my tiny little cubby of a hole of a desk but if he does, I believe that this time I'll start painting my nails. He appreciated last time when I started to reapply my lipstick when he started to yell at me. If by "appreciate" you mean, got instantly quiet, stared and walked back into his office. Hell, that time I don't even think he slammed the door.

Not that I feel sorry for him. War and the society beat is hell, yo. You have to get your kicks somehow.

Steve-o keeps emailing me these bullshit story ideas for the Tribune to cover this semester, like anything he comes up with is a good idea. I keep emailing him back, asking him just to turn the office over to Chloe already. She lives there anyway, might as well get some use out of the girl.

In other news, Chloe and I are getting a dog. We'll be sure to ignore it and put it to an early death with neglect. I want to name it "Eat Me" but apparently, I've been out voted by the other person in the household. Since when does she get more voting shares than me?

Lastly, thanks for knocking so loudly the other day. Appreciated it.
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Kill Hannah

[Locked For Chloe Sullivan]

Chloe -

I thought we’d keep a locked record of everything we have here in condenced form so it’s easier to keep track of.

As of today, January 3rd, we are looking at the following people:

Harry and Victoria Hardwick – It was all over the place back in 2001 when Lionel and Lex (rumors are that it was mainly Lex) destroyed the Hardwick’s and took over their companies. I was looking into where they are now and if you do a comprehensive research of their financials, they weren’t as destroyed as they lead everyone to believe. There’s plenty of real estate and physical things that they can (and did) easily liquidate in order to maintain a lifestyle I wish I had. Sir Harry though, has spent a vast deal of that money in the past year but we can’t figure out where the money is going.

This was fallen on completely by accident and it’s pretty damn gross. While looking looking through some of Lionel’s financials around the time of his death at the same time we were talking online about the earrings Lex gives his one night stands. On record, there was a small fortune of Lionel’s money going out to a jeweler in Metropolis. Like Lionel wore a lot of bling so we went to the store and got a copy of what Lionel used to buy.

Earrings. A lot of them. Diamonds to be delivered to different women, mostly in Metropolis.

And back around the time that Victoria was dating Lex (checked the dates they were first spotted together in TDP through the time that they Hardwick’s went bust), Lionel had a pair sent to Victoria.

She slept with Lionel when she was seeing Lex. She was trying to screw over the Luthors. Probably with her dad. It gives her extra measure to get back at both of them and we’re willing to bet there was some nasty humiliation that both Luthors put her through.

So motive and with Harry’s missing assets, opportunity if he was using the money he’s been gathering to pay someone to kill Lionel.

The problem is that neither of us know if just don’t know if they’d be smart enough to get away with it for this long.

Others to look into:

Lucas Luthor (what was his last name, Chlo’? Before he became a Luthor. Does he go by ‘Luthor’? We should check into the financials of both.)

Morgan Edge (MIA. Also, there are some nasty rumors involving something he did and genetics and plastic surgery and man, even some kid he worked with once who apparently could bench press elephants. Only mentioning this because of your ‘Wall of Weird’)
Helen Bryce-Luthor (Check financials although she hasn’t taken money out of her account since she went missing. Alias?)

Teagues (Why did you want me to put them on the list again?) Also, Lana and Jason Teague used to date but Lana says that he vanished. What happened to him?

Who else?
Kill Hannah

Headline One

I'll point at Chloe and inform everyone that she made me do it, much like she made me burn her Skipper doll back in second grade with that lighter we found in my dad's desk.

So this is a live journal. This is my live journal. I'm sure that there will be much cyber-stalking and bragging abounding around here. Chloe will probably figure out my password, make some bogus entries in this and eventually, I'll get bored of it.
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