Lois Lane (attila_lois) wrote,
Lois Lane

[Locked For Chloe Sullivan]

Chloe -

I thought we’d keep a locked record of everything we have here in condenced form so it’s easier to keep track of.

As of today, January 3rd, we are looking at the following people:

Harry and Victoria Hardwick – It was all over the place back in 2001 when Lionel and Lex (rumors are that it was mainly Lex) destroyed the Hardwick’s and took over their companies. I was looking into where they are now and if you do a comprehensive research of their financials, they weren’t as destroyed as they lead everyone to believe. There’s plenty of real estate and physical things that they can (and did) easily liquidate in order to maintain a lifestyle I wish I had. Sir Harry though, has spent a vast deal of that money in the past year but we can’t figure out where the money is going.

This was fallen on completely by accident and it’s pretty damn gross. While looking looking through some of Lionel’s financials around the time of his death at the same time we were talking online about the earrings Lex gives his one night stands. On record, there was a small fortune of Lionel’s money going out to a jeweler in Metropolis. Like Lionel wore a lot of bling so we went to the store and got a copy of what Lionel used to buy.

Earrings. A lot of them. Diamonds to be delivered to different women, mostly in Metropolis.

And back around the time that Victoria was dating Lex (checked the dates they were first spotted together in TDP through the time that they Hardwick’s went bust), Lionel had a pair sent to Victoria.

She slept with Lionel when she was seeing Lex. She was trying to screw over the Luthors. Probably with her dad. It gives her extra measure to get back at both of them and we’re willing to bet there was some nasty humiliation that both Luthors put her through.

So motive and with Harry’s missing assets, opportunity if he was using the money he’s been gathering to pay someone to kill Lionel.

The problem is that neither of us know if just don’t know if they’d be smart enough to get away with it for this long.

Others to look into:

Lucas Luthor (what was his last name, Chlo’? Before he became a Luthor. Does he go by ‘Luthor’? We should check into the financials of both.)

Morgan Edge (MIA. Also, there are some nasty rumors involving something he did and genetics and plastic surgery and man, even some kid he worked with once who apparently could bench press elephants. Only mentioning this because of your ‘Wall of Weird’)
Helen Bryce-Luthor (Check financials although she hasn’t taken money out of her account since she went missing. Alias?)

Teagues (Why did you want me to put them on the list again?) Also, Lana and Jason Teague used to date but Lana says that he vanished. What happened to him?

Who else?
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