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[Private Locked, Comments Can Be Made To The Community] Lex Luthor, Profile One

Lex Luthor:

All warfare is based on deception.

-Facts Of Life:

Born: 12/1980 to Lionel Luthor(deceased, gunshot)/Lillian Luthor (deceased, heart complications)
Two brothers: Julian Luthor (deceased), Lucas (Dunleavey) Luthor (half brother, Lionel Luthor/Rachel Dunleavy, last known wearabouts: Europe, NYC)
Graduated: Excelesor Prep School (1997), Attended Princeton (Bio-Chem major, did not finish degree. Guess school officals frown on making high grade meth in the basement of the science building.)

-Personal Relationships

*Victoria Hardwick (only one that seems to have a long run)

*Desree Atkins (Annulled, Belle Reve, 2002)
*Helen Bryce (Annulled, MIA, 2003)

-Earring List (One’s without connections or means omitted, people on the list since the list has been started):

Victoria Hardwick (Also on L.L.’s list, Ew), Shannon Vell (see ‘Attempts’), Corinne Hartford (attorney), Mya Kanston (Daughter of director Michael Kanston), Vivian Green (Sister-in-Law of Parker Gegory, Gregory & Sons), Jill Yancy (Daughter, Senator Leslie Yancy), Danielle Tucker (Tucker, Inc.), Tanya McGregor (Heiress, McGregor Cosmetics)

*Clark Kent (C.K. saved Le. Luthor's life 2001 and other assorted times. Pics of the two attending society functions together. Was best man at both Le. Luthor weddings. Le. Luthor bought Kent Farms, 2003)
*Chloe Sullivan (Summer, 2004, Trial of L.L.)
*Lana Lang (Hosted birthday party, 2002; co-owner of the Talon)
*Bruce Wayne (Attened school together, Wayne back on Metropolis after L.L. death. A business associate (?), contact Gen. Lane more about collaberation between LexCorp/Wayne Enterprise/Army on hinted contract. Contact B.W. about possible interiew concerning said contract, do not mention LexCorp if at all possible. Ask about viglante in Gotham, kind of cool.)
*Jude Royce (Club Zero, early 2001 pre-SV. Killed by bodyguard but was at school with Le. Luthor. Friends?)

-Known Associates:
*Lionel Luthor (Key figure in putting L.L. in jail, 2004; noted disagreements between the two, documented publicly in the SV plant 3 Jenkins hostage situation of 2001)
*Dr. Claire Foster (Professional relationship, Belle Reve, Deceased.)
*Gen. Sam Lane (Assisted in the Sullivan coverup, 2004)
*Teague Family (??)
*Gabe Sullivan (Plant Assn. Manager; Summer, 2004)
*Reynolds (Principal of Excesleor Prep, Principal of SV High (That's weird.))

-Contact With:
*Lois Lane (Metropolis University, asked by C.K. 2004)
*Amy Palmer (Belle Reve, 2002)


*Van McNulty (Belle Reve, 2003. Attempt by shooting.)
*Tina Greer (Impersonated by, 2001??)
*Shannon Vell (Tied to a chair, fire, 2004)
*Jeff Palmer (Belle Reve, 2002. Not clear on details.)
*Helen Bryce-Luthor (Never confirmed.)
*Desree Atkins (Set fire to? Unclear.)

-Facts Of Business:

Ran SV plant for LuthorCorp starting 2001
Created LexCorp 2002
Took over LuthorCorp after the death of L.L. In a month’s time, the board unanmously decided to allow the change of name and the change of direction in the company. Unheard of. No loud rumblings in the Met. business world as would be expected. Question source on this matter.

-Next Steps (Jan. 3, 2005):

Contact Gen. Sam Lane for details
Contact B.W. for possible interview
Check L.L. financials for ties between him and his son (ie. Helen Bryce-Luthor)
Backlogs of TDP for more society pages on Le. Luthor (re. Smallville years)
Contact friend at LC, try to arrange a meeting. Ask about board and changes in company structure.


All very pretty research, none of it proves that he did a damn thing.

BTW Lois? Obession is out this season.
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