January 19th, 2007

Kill Hannah

[Private Entry] Sticky Pink Bubble Gum And Candy Floss

I have quite possibly have made the stupidest move this century. In the same thought, I might need to be checked for some sort of tumor and seriously need some work with being able to resist charm or at least, the charm of the big eyed boy. Because I used to be more unscathed by shit like this.

At least, I think I did. I don't really know what I'm doing anymore personally. But things with him are waking up memories, in the middle of class memories, while I'm drinking juice in the kitchen memories, when I'm showering memories. Memories of it all the goddamned time and I'm beginning to wonder what my little fettered brain is trying to do or tell me.

So, let's see Lane. This is what you're doing:

* Lying to your best friend/cousin
* Doing all of this with the knowledge that she will be hurt when she finds out
* Probably messing with Kent
* Stumbling through this blindly
* Are being really fucking stupid
* Still don't understand why I can't stop

Grudgingly, I can admit that I might kind of like him. To myself. Only to myself. This is fucking stupid to post.

This is going to be the shot in my face and man, do I sound like every bad tween romantic comedy staring Freddie Prize Jr. out there. Maybe after this is over, I'll write a script and sell the rights. Then I can support myself in the lonely life because Chloe will no longer be talking to me and I will have driven everyone else away.

There's a plan.
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